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Our Sponsors

Suffolk Streetwatch is funded by donations and sponsorship funding from local businesses and grants from our local councils.  We could not operate without the help of these companies and organisations and we encourage you to support the local businesses and organisations that help us.

Special Offers

Many of the local businesses that help Streetwatch have also agreed to help our local communities further still by making available special offers.  In tough times every little helps so please take the time to see what your local businesses are giving to you for supporting them.  You'll find the links on this page and to the right.

Become a sponsor

Helping your community to become a safer place is really simple. To start with just click here. Thanks

This site and the service provided by our volunteers exists thanks to donations and the support of public services and business. Currently they are;

  1. Sudbury Town Council
  2. Suffolk Constabulary
  3. Suffolk Police Crime Commissioner
  4. Castle Mount ID Cards
  5. Making A Difference Locally
  6. Byte Shed Internet

To become a sponsor click here